Here is a sampling of the core products of each manufacturer represented by M3 Automation

HomeGalil Motion Control – single and multi-axis motion controllers and I/O solutions.


DMC-4000 motion controller



                     ALIO Industries – monolithic XY stages, single axis stages, hybrid hexapods and Micron 2 stage systems.






AI-LM-30000-uII   linear-servo-motor-tripod




Bilz Vibration Technology – Precision Leveling Wedges and FAEBI Rubber Air Springs



New Way Air Bearings – Porous Media air bearings – round, rectangular, Vacuum preloaded bearings and air bushings



Nidec-Shimpo Planetary gearing solutions and zero backlash Strain Wave Gearboxes

inline_reducers     right_angle_reducers.jpg   strain_wave_gearboxes




Ironless Linear Motors